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Privacy Policy

Astroff Consultants Inc. recognizes the importance of confidentiality and protection of personal information. This Privacy Policy outlines how we use and protect your personal information.

Personal information means information about an identifiable individual or information that permits an individual to be identified. It does not include business contact information, such as name, title, address and telephone number when used for business communications.

Astroff Consultants Inc. is available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about the collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information. We may be contacted concerning privacy matters by sending an email to privacy@astroffconsultants.com.

Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
We only collect personal information as required to meet the purposes that we have specified. We do not indiscriminately collect or retain data. Typically, Astroff Consultants Inc. gathers personal information that is specifically and voluntarily provided by our clients and potential clients, as well as by visitors to the Astroff Consultants Inc. website. Astroff Consultants Inc. receives limited information, such as name, telephone number and email address from website visitors. We may also collect information from third parties and as agents on behalf of our clients where we or they have obtained the requisite consent, or as otherwise permitted or required by law. Where the purpose for the collection of personal information is unclear, you can contact Astroff Consultants Inc. to provide an explanation of the purpose for the data collection.

The objectives for collecting personal information about our clients and prospective clients include: providing educational consulting services, building client relationships, communicating with our clients and maintaining distribution lists.

Where appropriate, Astroff Consultants will seek specific consent to collect, use and disclose personal information. This may be done in writing or orally. In some cases, consent can be implied through an individual relationship or conduct with us, depending on the sensitivity of the information.

Personal data collected by us is confidential and we do not disclose the information to any third party except as necessary with actual or implied consent, or as permitted or required by law.

Astroff Consultants Inc. does not disclose personal information to any third party to enable them to market their products or services. For example, we do not provide our client mailing lists to suppliers or other clients. Under certain circumstances, Astroff Consultants Inc. will disclose personal information, for example, if we engage a third party to provide services to us, if we consider it necessary to establish or collect payment, or if the information is already publicly known.

Astroff Consultants treats your personal information as private and confidential and we strive to ensure that your personal data, regardless of format, is protected and kept secure at all times. Most methods of communication are not fully secure and security measures may create challenges to the efficient exchange of information.

Email is often our preferred method of communication and unless you specifically object we may use unencrypted plain text emails when communicating with you.

Our Website
The only personal information we collect through our website is the data voluntarily supplied by you if you contact Astroff Consultants Inc. through the website.

Our website contains links to websites operated by third parties who may collect your personal information. Astroff Consultants Inc. does not assume any responsibility for the privacy practices, policies or actions of the third parties controlling these websites. We recommend that you read the privacy policies of these websites and make an informed decision whether or not to provide your personal information to these external operators.

Accessing Your Personal Information
By providing any personal information to Astroff Consultants Inc., whether through the website or otherwise, you consent to the collection, use or disclosure of that information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. You have the right to verify and amend your personal information collected by us. You are also free at all times to withdraw your consent to such collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.

You have rights to access your personal information. These rights are not absolute; however if we deny your request for access, we will provide reasons for doing so. If you wish to access, verify and/or amend your personal information or make a complaint under this Policy, please contact us at privacy@astroffconsultants.com or 416-929-6110.

Astroff Consultants Inc. reserves the right to modify or amend this Privacy Policy from time to time and we encourage you to refer back to this Policy regularly.