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What is Being Evaluated on CASPer®?

The 10 Different People Skills Being Tested on CASPer

The CASPer Test can be a different type of evaluation than what many applicants are used to.

Unlike other admission tests, such as the MCAT or DAT, CASPer measures people skills in an effort to gain a holistic view of candidates.

Your goal as a CASPer writer is to demonstrate that you are well-rounded and possess non-cognitive skills.   The way in which you showcase these skills is by typing out short essay responses to  questions posed on real-life scenarios.  What is CASPer?

The CASPer test presents you with a set of hypothetical, every-day scenarios where you have to explain how you would respond; in other sections, you discuss how you’ve responded to certain situations in your own life. So, what is CASPer looking for when they do this? They want to determine your people skills!

CASPer specifically looks at 10 different competencies: collaboration, communication, empathy, equity, ethics, motivation, problem solving, professionalism, resilience and self awareness.

Let's take a closer look at the 10 people skills being measured on CASPer:

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