Sample CASPer® Questions

I recently received an offer of admission to the McMaster University school of medicine (my top choice!!). I am so thrilled with the news, I can't describe it in words. I truly believe your services were critical to my success with the MMI interview style. I really appreciate all of the help I received preparing for my interviews and CASPer. My MMI skills improved significantly over the last months preceding my interviews, and I felt a lot more confident in my abilities through your guidance. So thank-you again for helping me achieve a goal and a *dream* I thought was unimaginable!!!! I can't express my gratitude in words!! If you're ever hiring please let me know-- I would love to join your team, as I've seen firsthand the difference it can make in someone's application. Thanks again!!!!!"

- Purchased our CASPer Preparation and MMI Interview Preparation services.


Astroff's Preparation Program for CASPer has been designed by Dr. Robert Astroff along with our team of top medical students and doctors, featuring Simulated CASPer Tests, Prep Courses, Scoring and Coaching Sessions, designed to prepare you thoroughly for the test day.