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Get Ready to Write CASPer®.

Welcome to Astroff's dedicated CASPer® preparation resource site.  We've prepared thousands of CASPer® writers since CASPer's inception. Learn the most effective way to Master CASPer® for your upcoming CASPer® test. 

The CASPer® test is delivered by Altus Assessments Inc. at takecasper.com. CASPer® is a registered trademark of Altus. This website is operated by Astroff Consultants Inc., an independent provider of test preparation services. Altus and Astroff are not endorsed by or affiliated with one another.

Astroff's Information Resource on Preparing for CASPer:

Providing you with tips to Master CASPer, sample questions and more

Here at Astroff, we have built this dedicated resource site to assist you with your CASPer® preparation. Read our tips for Mastering CASPer, try our sample CASPer® questions and video, and learn more about Astroff's Prep for CASPer® Program.

What is CASPer?

CASPer® (Computer-based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics) is a 90 minute, web-based, situational judgment test (SJT).  It is a component of the application process used by certain medical schools, health sciences, education, and veterinary programs in an effort to evaluate your personal and professional characteristics.

Many schools have adopted CASPer, including the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University ("McMaster"), University of Ottawa (uOttawa), New York Medical College (NYMC) and Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (Rutgers RWJ). to name a few.

CASPer® is an online test used to help screen applicants as part of the school's application process, as one of several criteria assessed in determining candidates' invitations to interview (where applicable) and admission to the program.

How long has CASPer® been used?

CASPer® was first officially implemented back in McMaster’s 2010-2011 application cycle as a method to evaluate candidates’ interpersonal and critical thinking skills. This was a change from McMaster’s previous application screening process which required candidates to write a series of short essays.  It is now being used by a variety of schools and programs around the world.

What is the structure of the CASPer® test?

CASPer® is a 90-minute test consisting of 12 scenarios.  Each section follows a similar format consisting first of a short video or other directed text, followed by 3 questions relating to the material presented in the video or question stem.  Some sections are prompted by situational challenges displayed in short video clips; others are prompted by self-reflective questions. The applicant has 5 minutes to answer all questions in a given section. The exam also includes a 15 minute optional break at the halfway mark.

Example Video Prompt

Astroff has designed practice sample CASPer® videos - such as the one here.  Watch the video, and then respond to 3 questions about the situation you have just watched.

How has CASPer® been evaluated in past years?

In one of McMaster’s research article outlining CASPer, the authors noted the following criteria used by judges to grade the applicants’ answers: communication skills, strength of the argument raised, suitability for the career, and overall performance on the scenario. To do well on CASPer, it's integral to have well-communicated, persuasive, knowledgeable, relevant answers to each question.

Write Simulated CASPer® Tests

Practicing under realistic conditions is the best way to improve your skills and maximize your performance on test day.  We have provided sample questions for you to consider here and on our blog.  Start with these and progress to our Simulated CASPer® Tests.

Which schools are using CASPer?

CASPer® is growing as a widely used admissions tool for a variety of programs and schools at the undergraduate, graduate and professional school levels worldwide.  Programs using CASPer® include: medicine (including medical school applicants and residency candidates), dentistry, education, nursing, pharmacy, optometry, occupational therapy, osteopathic medicine, physician assistant, anesthesiologist assistant, social work and veterinary medicine.


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- Purchased our CASPer® Preparation and MMI Interview Preparation services.