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Prepare for CASPer®

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ASTROFF Simulated Casper Test Video

CASPer Preparation You Can Rely On

Our CASPer Preparation Program includes Simulated CASPer Tests, Prep Courses for CASPer, and Coaching Sessions—all designed to prepare you thoroughly for Casper.

Simulated CASPer Tests

Challenge your Casper skills with 4 difficult Simulated CASPer Tests (Levels 1-4). Start at Level 1 and increase the level of difficulty!

Prep Courses

Learn strategies for answering difficult CASPer questions and convert beginner to advanced answers.

Bundles with Coaching

Fast-track your skills with our bundles (simulations and courses with scoring and coaching add-ons) to identify weak areas.

As leaders in CASPer® test training, we’ve been working with thousands of medical, dental, and other healthcare applicants over the past 10+ years to get them prepared for test day. Our online CASPer preparation program was developed from years of experience helping students earn admission to competitive universities and programs across the globe. It provides you with a detailed roadmap to lead you to your desired career path. We want you to be ready for the big day and put your best foot forward.

Our practice questions, strategies to improve critical thinking skills, scoring on our simulated tests, and one-on-one coaching sessions all help to maximize performance on Casper.

Get training to fast-track your progress to make yourself the most competitive applicant possible.

Learn online, anytime and anywhere.

Access our training and resources from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. All you need is an internet connection.

Follow a proven roadmap to success.

Make life easier with our step-by-step plan. Astroff guides you every step of the way, ensuring you reach your potential.

Engage in multiple learning platforms.

Build your skills through interactive courses, practice questions, and other resources geared for maximum learning potential.

Advance through training at your own pace.

Learn when you want to learn. Our platform allows you to move at your own pace to ensure it fits your schedule.

Work with a coach to mentor you with objective feedback.

Book sessions with one of our coaches to learn how to improve with personalized and constructive advice.

Experience ongoing world class support.

Rely on Astroff as you navigate through your career journey. This isn't just about Casper prep! This is about you reaching your desired career.

Two ways to get started with Astroff.

We recommend our bundled packages to ensure you are getting the information you need to maximize your chance of success. However, we also offer individual options if you are just getting started.


Get what you need when you need it with our individually priced courses and test simulation options. Choose the products you want, starting at $27 each.


Get an ALL ACCESS PASS to our entire CASPer prep library - including Prep Courses, Simulated CASPer Tests, and Scoring and Coaching. Bundle options start at $197.