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Astroff’s Preparation Program for CASPer®

Start writing your practice CASPer tests now

Our CASPer® Preparation Program includes Simulated CASPer® Tests, Prep Courses for CASPer®, and Coaching Sessions, and are designed to prepare you thoroughly for test day. We assist candidates to prepare for their upcoming CASPer® test by providing practice questions, strategies to improve your critical thinking skills, scoring on our simulated tests, and one-on-one coaching sessions to maximize your performance.

Simulated CASPer® Tests

Astroff offers 4 online Simulated CASPer® Tests (Levels 1-4) to get you into the CASPer® mindset.  Start at Level 1 to familiarize yourself with the exam structure, and progress through our program to increase the level of difficulty. Each test sharpens your skills using 12 modules featuring word-based scenarios.

Prep Courses for CASPer®

Astroff offers 2 Prep Courses for CASPer® (Level 1 and Level 2).  Learn strategies for answering difficult CASPer® questions,  watch and debrief three Astroff case studies featuring high quality videos with professional actors, and discuss frequently asked questions.

"Scoring and Coaching" Sessions

For those students who have completed at least one Simulated CASPer® Test, Astroff offers one-on-one coaching sessions with scoring. Discuss the results from your Simulated CASPer® Test in-depth to refine your skills for answering CASPer® questions effectively. Receive personalized oral feedback and scoring to chart your progress and identify areas of strength and weakness.

Just wanted to share my good news: I've been accepted to MAC Med! I am greatly looking forward to pursuing a career in medicine, especially at McMaster, and I feel extremely grateful for this opportunity. Thank you for all of your help and support along the way; Your services definitely assisted me throughout the application process."

- Purchased our CASPer® Preparation and MMI Interview Preparation services.
- Purchased our CASPer® Preparation and MMI Interview Preparation services.