5 Tips to Improve Communication Skills on CASPer®

Communication is not only determined by how you respond to the scenarios CASPer presents (e.g. "You catch your best friend studying for the upcoming chemistry final using a pirated copy of an old exam. What do you tell your friend?") or by how you respond to the CASPer prompts where you're asked to describe situations in your own life (e.g. "Describe a time when you have had to adjust your language and behaviour to help someone understand. What was the outcome?"), but communication is also important because it's how you get your responses across.

Here are 5 valuable selected strategies to improve your communication:

  1. Take a few seconds to consider your answer before beginning your response. A brief moment of planning can enhance communication by ensuring you don't skip important themes or points, and prevent you from rambling in your response.
  2. As an excellent communicator will pay attention to the perspectives of other people, you must consider multiple perspectives in your response, recognizing others' values and viewpoints.
  3. If you are describing your response to a scenario, use language that would be appropriate for the interaction in real life. (E.g. Don't respond to your best friend who is cheating by telling her "The prima facie evidence demonstrates that you are violating the tacit social and educational conventions by committing academic dishonesty.")
  4. Pay attention to body language in the video scenarios, and, if appropriate, you can mention this in your response. (E.g. "I notice that my best friend has been wringing her hands and I can see she is anxious; this is understandable as she told me that she failed the chemistry midterm.")
  5. Reflect on times you have communicated effectively, creatively, and in challenging circumstances in your own life. It is important to go through the process of examining your past experiences in order to retrieve the appropriate anecdote relevant to a prompt so you can efficiently formulate a response.

An important way to improve your communication skills is to practice with expert feedback. You will learn strategies to maximize your performance, improve your people skills and demonstrate these people skills during the CASPer test.


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